Working in veterinary medicine, while highly rewarding, can also be quite stressful. While some stressors require systemic change, some stress is inevitable and requires that we build effective coping tools. Without these tools, people tend to suppress their emotions and thoughts, leading to states of chronic stress. 

Do you find yourself:

  • Engaging in activities where you can distract yourself from your emotions? 
  • Becoming more easily irritable with your colleagues and loved ones?
  • Feeling more cynical at work?
  • Doubting your decisions?

Are you curious and committed to:

  • Learning how to experience your emotions more deeply?
  • Exploring how stress lives in your body? 
  • Understanding your thought patterns?
  • Becoming more aware of how your behaviors impact you and those around you? 
  • Having a space held just for you?

Angie’s coaching services are designed for people who want to get to know themselves in new and powerful ways in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

As a trauma-informed coach, she understands how past challenges impact you in the present, and can skillfully support you in your commitment to growth through a deeper exploration of your emotions, thoughts, mind-body connection and patterned behaviours. 

Angie creates transformational spaces to help you get to know yourself better so you can grow and thrive in the work you love.

Coaching Packages

  • 3 Coaching Sessions: $525 CAD
  • 6 Coaching Sessions: $960 CAD
  • 8 Coaching Sessions: $1200 CAD

Each coaching package includes one 90 minute exploratory session where coaching goals are created. Subsequent coaching sessions are 60 minutes. 

Start thriving

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